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The Comanche and The Horse

The Comanche were one of the first tribes to acquire the horse from the Spanish, through trade and raiding. They considered the horse a relative and a great gift from the Creator.

Today the image of Indians on horseback is iconic. But Native Americans never set eyes on a horse before the 1400s when Europeans brought them to the New World as a weapon of conquest. The Comanche and other native peoples adapted the horse as a powerful ally in the fight to protect their land and way of life.

The Comanche consider the horse a relative and a gift from the Creator. With the horse, they became one of the greatest Native warrior cultures in North America and built one of the most extensive indigenous empires on the continent before their culture was nearly wiped out be white colonialism.

Watch this wonderful five-minute video (link below) about the Comanche and the horse, produced by PBS as part of their Native America series that first aired in 2018.


"The Comanche and The Horse" originally posted on Facebook and on March 8, 2020

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