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On the Rogue River with Zane Grey

As a novelist and professional writer and magazine editor who loves history, I’ve read a ton of western fiction and nonfiction about the American West. So many classics: Lonesome Dove, Son of the Morning Star, Close Range, Undaunted Courage. Big Sky. Blood Meridian. Blood and Thunder. Legends of the Fall. A River Runs Through It. White Fang. Well... dang... lots of books. But I am ashamed to admit I cannot remember reading any Zane Grey! How could that be?

After finding this wonderful PBS video (PRESS LINK BELOW) with beautiful footage of the Rogue River and passages read aloud from Zane Grey’s classic novel, Rogue River Feud, I’m gonna change that! Take a trip down the gorgeous Rogue River in Oregon that Zane Grey made famous. Smell the mountain air and hear the rushing water...

Have you read Zane Grey or other great Western writers? Who are your favorites? Please share. We’d love to hear from you!


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