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Happy Indigenous People’s Day - Monday, October 10!

Updated: Jan 14

Today is National Indigenous People's Day, part of a national movement to replace Columbus Day. Why? Because most First Nations consider Columbus & 1492 to be the beginning of white colonization and the systematic genocide to steal their land, decimate their people, and destroy their cultures.

Below is a link to a great Smithsonian Magazine article about Indigenous People’s Day and the discussion involving the Columbus Day-Indigenous People’s Day issue:

Do you know what Native American tribes originally inhabited the land on which you live now? Go to this link to discover what tribes inhabited originally inhabited your home:

Below is a link to a wonderful article about the Indigenous People’s Day movement and how you can educate yourself and celebrate the day:

Below is a link to a comprehensive article from Parade Magazine about the evolution of Indigenous People’s Day:

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10 ต.ค. 2564

I hope all the states recognise Indigenous Peoples Day soon. Good luck with it all. My heart is with you.


09 ต.ค. 2564

Buffalo Calf Road Woman

09 ต.ค. 2564

I had a picture of her on my facebook profile page in the day when i was on Facebook.Peace be with you.


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Deeply devoted to social justice, especially for veterans, women, and Native Americans, she has served on boards and donated her fundraising skills to Chief Joseph Foundation, Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW), Homeless Veterans Initiative, Humane Society, and other nonprofits.  


Deborah's soon-to-be released historical novel, BLOOD TO RUBIES weaves indigenous and pioneer history, strong women and clashing worlds into a sweeping saga praised by NYT bestselling authors as "crushing," "rhapsodic," "gritty," and "sensuous." Purchase BLOOD TO RUBIES online beginning June 9. Connect with Deborah on, Facebook, and Instagram.

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