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Westerns (& Native American Movies) Are Roaring Back

36 Great Films In Just the Last Five Years

Much has been written about the death of the Western. The Western ruled movie screens across America and the world for at least four decades—from the 1920s through the 1950s. More than 3,000 westerns were made. The Western was as central to the American identity as baseball and apple pie. Then, in the 1970s—with some notable exceptions—the Western was knocked off its cinematic throne and seemed to ride into the sunset. It wasn’t until Dances with Wolves in 1990 that the genre came galloping back like wild horses stampeding.

Today the Western and Native American films and TV shows are thriving. You’ll be surprised at how many amazing options there are. This is only a partial list. There are many ways you can view these films and TV shows. On Netflix, Amazon Prime, Grit, Hulu, Vudu, Best Western Ever, Cinemax, Epix, Fandro, HBO, IMBDB TV, Starz, Showtime to name a few. For newer movies, you may have to pay a fee to watch (usually $4-$10). Simply google “how to watch [name of movie]” and you can find out easily enough how to view them.

Shown here are 36 western and Native American films that have been made just in the last five years. This is not a complete list, by any means. If you know of any films that are not on this list, please mention them for all of our readers. Below are just a few movies with promotional trailers you can watch. (Sorry about the ads. Usually after several seconds, you can press the “Skip Ad” button to go straight to the trailer. Happy viewing!

Watch these movie trailers for some sneak peaks!

One of the newest Western series on television is THE WILD WEST CHRONICLES

premiering tomorrow (Sunday, April 11) on the Inspiration Channel. Watch the trailer here:

Paulette Jiles NEWS OF THE WORLD bestselling book was recently made into a popular movie starring Tom Hanks. Watch the trailer here:

The modern western NO MAN’S LAND premiered in theatres this year. Watch the trailer here:

Bestsellering novel THE GOOD LORD BIRD was also make into a Showtime television series starring an amazing Ethan Hawke as John Brown. See the trailer here:

The touching Indie film FIRST COW stars some big stars. Watch the trailer here:

The multiple award-winning BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS, by the Coen Brothers, actually features several shorter films from the sublime to the hilarious. A cinematic candy store for anyone who loves westerns. Watch the trailer here:

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“Westerns Are Roaring Back” was first posted on Facebook and on April 10, 2021.


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