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A Modern-Day Tribute to Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph's magnificent legacy lives on in the Chief Joseph Foundation today. I'm proud that I have been able to help their mission.

I am so excited to share with Notes from the Frontier readers that I landed a Spirit Aligned grant of $175,000 for the Chief Joseph Foundation! As a writer, I've been volunteering grant-writing to the Chief Joseph Foundation to show my gratitude for their support of my upcoming novel, Blood to Rubies, about Chief Joseph and the 1877 Nez Perce War.

This grant was awarded to Nez Perce elder Bonnie Ewing (shown below to right of the circle map) and her granddaughter Lucy Samuels (middle, left). Both Nez Perce women trace their lineage back to Chief Twisted Hair who saved Lewis & Clark from starvation & freezing to death, built canoes for the expedition and showed them the way to the Northwest Passage.

Bonnie Ewing, now 84 years old, is a magnificent Nimiipuu elder who is passing down her traditional tribal knowledge to her granddaughter. She is an amazing Nez Perce woman who has ridden the Chief Joseph Trail Ride 28 times, taking Nez Perce youth along the path and showing them the battlefields where Joseph and his people fought to remain free. Retracing Joseph's path and that arduous 1,500-mile exodus, fighting and outsmarting the U.S. Army nearly all the way, is a crucial rite of passage for many Nez Perce youth.

To date, I have brought in $300,000 in grants for the Chief Joseph Foundation. You can learn more about the work that Bonnie does and the amazing mission of the Chief Joseph Foundation at:

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"A Modern-Day Tribute to Chief Joseph" was first posted May 21, 2022 on Facebook and


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